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Reviews for Glenwood Apartments

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Posted On: 8/20/2021

Definitely Worth It

I have lived at Glenwood Apartments for 2 full years now, and am about to start my third. For the location being so close to campus, the cost, and the amenities, I am so happy to have chosen Glenwood early on. Of course, there always seem to be incidents that happen each year, but the maintenance service is very responsive and has almost always come the same day to help me, sometimes within hours. I would highly recommend looking into an updated kitchen for its nice dark-colored wood theme, an in-apartment washer/dryer to make your life easier, and even an apartment on the ground floor. Even though you don't get a balcony if you're on the ground floor, in comparison to when I did live on the second floor, I noticed that my electric bill was considerably lower, likely because it is cooler on the ground floor and the AC doesn't have to work as hard. It gets better! East Lansing road services finally repaved Hagadorn and installed two median turns, making turning left out of Glenwood 10x easier! Especially when you want to go to the community HQ at Berrytree for a dip in the hot tub or for talking with the leasing office. Of all the great things I enjoy about this apartment complex, I think my only gripe is that the Glenwood entrance sign is dimly lit on one side, and on the other not lit at all, making it a bit hard to see at night when trying to turn into the parking lot. But that seems like an easy fix :-) I'd like to give a shout-out to Bailey and Austin and everyone else who helped me so much in the past few weeks in managing my needs/any issues I was having. I've had nothing but great experiences with the staff at Berrytree. Thank you for making these past few years great and for the future to come!
By: Charlie     Verified Resident
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Dear Charlie - Thank you so much for sharing these kind words! We look forward to having you as a resident for another year and will continue to do everything possible to make your experience here as amazing as can be! -Glenwood Management

Posted On: 4/24/2017


Glenwood is a great place to live and close enough to campus to be a good value for what you get. Easily the nicest apartment I have ever had.
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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Hello, Thank you so much for the kind words. Nothing makes us happier than a resident loving where they live! -Glenwood Staff

Posted On: 10/4/2016

Pretty great

The location is pretty nice! It isn't too loud! Internet and cable are good! Some tiny fixes needed at the beginning but nothing too bad! Overall a nice play to live!
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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We are so happy to hear that you enjoy your time living with us! We enjoy having you as a resident just as much!

Posted On: 3/1/2016


I love living in Glenwood. They are very nice and decent-valued places, and the staff is wonderful. However, I am very disappointed in the fact that there is not a convenient recycling option at Glenwood. I have not seen anywhere to put recyclables in the complex. This is something that I feel would reflect even better on the Glenwood community, and recycling is very important to our environment. Thank you.
By: Daniel Schoenherr     Verified Resident
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Hello, Thank you so much for the review! We actually do have a recycling container located by the trash containers near the back parking lot in Glenwood. Please give us a call at 517-351-4091 if you cannot find it!

Posted On: 2/24/2016

Glenwood review

My experience with the Glenwood apartments has been great! The maintenance is always handled efficiently and quickly which is helpful when it's needed. Payments are easy as the service is really good at the leasing office. Most of the girls are pretty attractive too which is a nice bonus. Overall, it's a great place for the value
By: Zach     Verified Resident
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Hello, I am glad you enjoy living at Glenwood! We love our maintenance staff and we are glad you do too!

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